Van Strydoncklaan

1ste prize, urban development plan completed


AG Vespa

Deurne (B)

18.000 m2 residential programme 6.000 m2 underground parking 15.000 m2 public area.

39.000 m2

design team
Mint, Antea


The project zone is located between the more conventional residential area of Deurne-Zuid on one side and the informal Groot Schijn Park on the other. Van Strydoncklaan forms a barrier which transforms the area into a separate enclave concealing the park behind it.

The most important challenge of the project lies in breaking down this barrier, reconnecting the site and the Groot Schijn Park with the centre of Deurne. We attempt to achieve this by designin a residential area that seeks robust links with the zone south of Van Strydoncklaan, giving Van Strydoncklaan the character of a dual-sided residential street. In addition, the park’s green character is extended to Van Strydoncklaan, creating a natural setting for the newly developed homes. As is the case in the park, here we also work with ‘sections and connections’.

The ‘sections’ consist of semi-detached building blocks oriented around collective gardens. Each section is thereby self-sufficient with its own underground car park and communal bicycle park. Each section also offers space for a wide variety of residence types, which means the plan can also be easily realised in phases, meeting the needs of a wide spectrum of target groups.

The ‘connections’ consist of green zones of wild grasses, cluster of trees and wadis, with connecting paths in between for pedestrians and cyclists. These paths form a direct link between the centre of Deurne and the park. Vehicles from Van Strydoncklaan are redirected as quickly as possible into the car parks, creating a low-traffic area. The ground-floor homes are oriented along the new paths, creating small-scale, green living areas as a result.

Most of the apartments are located on Van Strydoncklaan, all of which have a dual orientation with views of both the the inner gardens and the park. Each ground-floor apartment has a private front entrance and terrace backing onto the courtyard. As a result, the buildings have a strong relationship with the ground level, creating a more intimate and informal living environment with a strong relationship to the green surrounds.