Blue Gate


2011 - 2013

Blue Gate nv (AG Vespa and PMV)

Former Petroleum Zuid, Antwerp, BE


1.000.000 m²



design team
HUB, Land, Origin





The BKP is a deepening of the master plan drafted in 2011 by Groep Omgeving aimed at achieving and consolidating the image and experiential quality of Blue Gate Antwerp, without compromising the core objectives of the master plan. The latter are: sustainable and innovative industry, eco-efficiency, optimal use of the site’s water-linked potential, high-grade spatial quality and competitive project development. 

Eco-effectiveness was retained as a denominator for the identity and the image and experiential quality of Blue Gate Antwerp. Its principles of efficient and multiple use of space, reinforcement of habitat and the forging of sustainable connections in turn form the groundwork for the design guidelines for the future development of the landscape and buildings. 

The deepening of the master plan and the BKP involve two levels: the building blocks and the structure. In order to achieve a deepening of the master plan and a clear identity for Blue Gate Antwerp within the contexts of eco-effectiveness, there needs to be sufficient space to optimise a number of fundamental aspects of the master plan at the structural level. It is here that the greatest opportunities can be found for a distinctive plan that is fully adapted to the location. This optimisation is primarily linked to a revision of the plot structure and the associated reorganisation of the landscape structure. Moreover, a number of historical buildings and infrastructure elements will once again be bestowed a large spatial and functional role in the plan. 

The BKP was drafted in two gradients: a binding and a directive section. The former lays down a number of design principles and forms the basis for the BKP. This basis forms part of the charter and is therefore a steering instrument for the issuing policy. The directive section allows room for innovation and experiment. It is defined by the ambition to increasingly promote eco-effectiveness as the defining DNA of Blue Gate Antwerp over the long term. To that end, we are currently investigating various forms of guidance and tutorship.